Research on Fintechs and Innovation in Germany

Meet Magento Association hosts Brazilian financial analyst, Pollyana Santos, during her research on Fintechs and innovation in Germany for a year through the German Chancellor Fellowship Program.

In its mission to fostering international cooperation and connections, Meet Magento Association accepted the invitation to host a young researcher from Brazil to exchange knowledge and boost its team. For one year, beginning November 2017, the financial analyst, Pollyana Ferreira dos Santos, will research Fintechs and innovation in the European financial market.

This cooperation is possible thanks to the scholarship “German Chancellor Fellowship for Tomorrow’s Leaders” from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Pollyana will develop the project “Growing through Innovation and Financial Inclusion: Fintech and the ecosystem that is changing what we know about banks”. The Meet Magento Association is the ideal host institution for Pollyana’s project plans because it can provide a large contact network worldwide when it comes to Start-up, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The researcher will have the valuable mentoring of the manager, Doris Dinkel, and the president of the instituition, Thomas Goletz, with his insights of more than 25 years career, President Goletz will help Ferreira to connect to the European market.

As part of her research, Pollyana intends to attend to events, visit innovation centers and startups, to meet and interview key entrepreneurs, and also discuss recent regulations and the challenges of innovating in Germany. Her interest is to draw a parallel with the Brazilian market, to boost financial inclusion and to create bridges for entrepreneurship and innovation between Brazil and Germany.

Pollyana Santos is Brazilian graduate in economics at UFPE with a one-year exchange at the Universität Leipzig in Germany. In 2013, she moved to Curitiba and began her career as a Financial Trainee at HSBC Bank, where she became a financial specialist. She also worked in São Paulo with information governance and big data at Banco Bradesco. Interested in entrepreneurship, economic development and innovation, she decided to leave the traditional banking industry and focus on Fintechs. In 2017, she moved to Berlin, the heart of the Startups in Europe, while developing her research project by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and working as a volunteer at Tipps.

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